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Food Bank Debate 18th December 2013

I watched the Food Bank Debate: Labour’s motion calling on the government to “bring forward measures to reduce dependency on food banks”, was defeated in a vote by 294 to 251, a reduced government majority of 43. The BBC called the debate ‘packed’ - as did minister Nick Hurd. However, watching the debate, I would say the chamber was anything but packed - particularly the government benches.
The only Cornish MP recorded on Hansard as saying anything in this debate was Sarah Newton (Truro and Falmouth) (Con): “My hon. Friend is very generous in giving way. Is there not quite a lot that we can do as MPs? My volunteer team works alongside the food bank volunteer team to ensure that food bank clients get all the help that is available to get them and their families out of poverty and to improve their lives.”
I would like to remind you that the motion was “bring forward measures to reduce dependency on food banks”. Hansard shows George Eustice, MP for the poorest constituency in Cornwall, where 50.8% of children officially live below the poverty line, voted AGAINST this motion. This disgusts me.
The other Cornish MPs voting against the motion were Andrew George MP, Stephen Gilbert MP, Sheryll Murray MP, Dan Rogerson MP and Sarah Newton MP. What possible reason, apart from party politics, do they have to vote against more measures to reduce dependency on food banks?

Snow - please think of others

Thinking of all the old and vulnerable people across the country who fear the ice and snow. Yes it looks nice - but actually can kill. Many people die every year because of the cold, or after slipping over. Others decide not to go out for long periods and become isolated.

My Father slipped over on ice in bad weather a few years ago - it is thought a long period of poor health was sparked by this - he died in October.

Please offer help to anyone vulnerable who is likely to be cut off, lonely or struggle because of these conditions. Please check they have heating on. It will mean they are less likely to get ill - and it will prevent burst pipes and flooding.

Yes enjoy the snow - but please be considerate to those who fear it.

Dreaming of you

Just spent the night dreaming of you,

Confused images in strange situations,

Crying about loss and crying about the future.

Just spent the night dreaming of you,

You were there next to me walking momentarily,

Though I know not how and I knew you could not be.

Just spent the night dreaming of you,

A holiday walking an unfamiliar airport complex,

Now that I’m awake I link the meanings,

And the mourning goes on.

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